Some facts about Anavar steroid and its use in bodybuilding

Anavar is an anabolic steroid derived from DHT. It is a very tolerant steroid by both women and men, however unfortunately it is fairly expensive and is found to be often counterfeited. This steroid is the perfect introduction into the world of steroids due to it being widely available and very mild. Female or male, Anavar is a great anabolic to begin with for a first time cycle.

Anavar in muscle building

Anabolic steroids are not usually suggested or advised for those individuals under the ages 23-25 years of age due to the fact that their undeveloped HPTA or Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular-Axis is. Anavar’s effects on the HPTA are extremely mild and this kind of steroid can be used by those who are older than 18 in very low doses with hardly any or no side effects at all depending on the dosage and if you are male or female.

Initially developed in the 1960’s to treat those who were burnt, injured or had muscle wasting diseases, it has helped nearly millions of patients. It is now one of the most popular steroids used by bodybuilders and performance athletes. Having the ability to increase a patients lean muscle tissue, it was then used by individuals who were interested in maintaining muscle or wishing to increase their amount of muscle mass when they were on a diet that was calorie restricted.

Anavar is not referred to as an agent for mass gaining, instead it is more of an enhancer for performance or used to gain lean amounts of mass. For this very reason, Anavar is a very popular steroid for cutting and hoping to maintain muscle tissue when on a diet.

Anavar is one of the mildest steroids that is available and is generally used as an introduction or “first cycle” to cycling androgens. We now understand that it is a steroid derived from DHT, so it isn’t entirely without the side effects, however the side effects are very low when compared with many other androgenic and anabolic agents. Most steroids derived from DHT are not recommended for females due to them being extremely androgenic, which means the cases of virilisation are much higher, however not with Anavar.

Side Effects
If a person is taking steroids there behavior is really affected, they become very moody and aggressive such that a small argument could spark a fight. People on steroids also suffer from withdrawal syndromes and end up being very depressed. There has been an increase in the number of suicides among bodybuilders who are on steroids and this is due to there mental instability.

Steroids are also very detrimental to your physical health because they lead to the various side effects. Men for instance will experience the following side effects; increase in breast size, shrinking testicles, low sperm count, decrease in sexual drive, and in extreme cases the person ends up becoming impotent.
Female will experience the following side effects; growth of facial hair, there voice will begin to break, they will lose there body fat and start looking like men, enlargement of there clitoris, irregularity in there periods.

These are just some of the reversible effects, there are other irreversible effects which include; heart attacks, kidney failures, and liver cancer.