Facts About Gynecomastia and available treatments

Can’t take off your shirt? In today’s generation, topless males are considered hot and hunky. Showing off the abs and chest is such a big step to attract women. But what if you have a chest that is more like of a female breast, isn’t that too embarrassing to show off? It will certainly be a turn-off when you have enlarged floppy breast. This condition wherein a man develops breasts like that of a woman is called gynecomastia. The following are basic details about this condition:

Gynecomastia symptoms1. Gynecomastia is derived from the Greek word “gyne” which means woman and “mastos” which means “breast”, hence the term “woman-like breast”.

2. Gynecomastia can develop from the age of 13 up to 30 years old.

3. Up to 90% of the male population can have undiagnosed gynecomastia.

4. This abnormal enlargement of the male breast may develop on either or both side of a male chest.

5. The most common cause of gynecomastia is idiopathic or unknown.

6. Obesity is considered one of most common factor linked to male breast enlargement.

7. Gynecomastia can be a sign of a more serious underlying disease.

8. Long-term use of antipsychotic drugs produces gynecomastia as a side effect.

9. People who are taking steroidal drugs such as those medicinal treatments for asthma can a.develop breast enlargement as a long term side effect.

10. Taking pills to treat gynecomastia can help in the reduction of the breast’s fatty tissue.

11. Some chest exercises are also helpful to firm the chest and correct floppy breast.

12. The ideal diet for people with gynecomastia is low-fat, low-caloric, and high protein.

13. Intake of deep-fried and foods sautéed in oil can aggravate breast enlargement as it adds fatty tissue deposit.

14. Using compression gynecomastia vest is helpful to hide the floppy breast. This is like a firming bra for a man that is made with breathable fabric.

15. Aerobic exercises that focus on the chest and thorax are ideal exercises that promote firming of the abnormally enlarged male breast.

16. Liposuction is considered last resort in correcting gynecomastia. This is done by a cosmetic surgeon by removing the excessive fatty tissues of the breast and tightening the chest skin to make it look firmer.
If you are suffering from this condition, it is advised that you look for a reliable cosmetic physician that will help you fully understand gynecomastia and its available treatments.

Often times, cosmetic surgery is not advised when breast enlargement can still be corrected with some chest exercises. Remember, an appeal is not that difficult to attain. You only have to discover your choices and be acquainted with safe and effective ways to obtain it.