Recommended ways to increase testosterone level naturally

Testosterone levels are likely to go down in men 30 years and above. A decline in testosterone level is likely to cause complications in areas of sexuality, reproduction, hair growth and also affect production of muscle mass. To boost testosterone levels back to normal, the following are recommended ways to increase testosterone:

Maintain a healthy weight.

Overweight people are likely to experience low testosterone levels. This is due to high amount of cholesterol and fat accumulated in the body that inhibits production of testosterone. A combination of healthy eating and exercise can go a long way in keeping a healthy weight. If you are not sure about your weight, you can calculate your BMI in a health facility to determine if you are in a healthy weight bracket.

Keep stress levels down.

Stress has very detrimental effects on testosterone. When we are stressed, our bodies produce stress hormones that suppress production of testosterone. This is clearly evident keeping in mind that stress has negative effects on all activities associated with testosterone like competition, sexual activity and aggression. Keeping stress level at minimum helps encourage production of testosterone.

Increase testosterone by healthy dietIntroduce healthy fats and protein in your diet.

There are specific healthy fats and protein that help encourage production of testosterone. Some healthy fats include olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and palm oil. Butter from organically bred animals is also a good example of a healthy fat. Protein and especially amino acids are also important in testosterone production. A good example is whey protein that contains necessary amino acids.

Exercises boost your testosterone

Training to increase strength.

Training to increase strength involves using different exercise routines that help in boosting testosterone levels. This is doing exercise that are focused in increasing muscle strength and they should be done with the right kind of intensity. Some exercise that can be done to increase testosterone include squats and dead lifts. The purposes of these exercise is to muscle mass and eventually increase testosterone.

Avoid a high sugar diet.

Taking a high sugar diet leads to high levels of insulin in the blood which in turn suppresses production of testosterone. It is very easy to identify if you are taking more than enough sugar. If you find that your tea is too sweet that it excites your senses that is definitely too much sugar. Apart from increasing testosterone levels, avoiding high sugar is a way of adopting a healthy lifestyle. This involves avoiding highly processed foods like pizza and fast food options.